About Me

I’m Andrew, I’m 28, I’m from New Zealand. This blog is where I write about films, books, philosophy, whatever. If you were looking for my spectacularly-well curated stream of rants about everything that’s wrong with the New Zealand government, you were probably looking for my facebook feed. But this is not that.

This blog was created in 2012, but I’ve been writing shit on the internet since 2002, when blogging was like having nerd leprosy. Do you remember a world in which you actually had to write stuff (whaaaat!?) that was interesting? When nobody had the bandwidth to spare for .jpeg images let alone a youtube video? When you needed to know at least a little <html> code to make your page pretty, and had to use an FTP client instead of clicking ‘send’? When there was no facebook ‘feed’ to scroll through, and to get updated on what was new from your friends, that you had never met or ever seen a photograph of, you actually had to go to their website by typing in an address that you had committed to memory?

Those were the days. It was from this type of basic internet socialising, with all its limitations that now appear charming, that I made the best friends, most annoying acquaintances, worst enemies, and just generally felt like people were actually bothering to read what I was writing. Good times.

(with some links)

I wear many hats.

I only listen to the Mountain Goats.

My favourite podcasts include Ice Cream Social (scoop name: Andy the Kiwi Fruit Salad), Penn’s Sunday School, Greg Proops Smartest Man in the World, Dear Hank and JohnJames Bonding, I Was There TooTara Brach, I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats, R U Talkin’ R.E.M RE: ME?, and of course I host my own podcast which I am not going to tell you about – I only want listeners who love the subject matter. My server tells me there is 49 such people in the world. Which is fine.

Here is my reading list.

I play a lot of musical instruments. At one point, I counted eleven different bands or projects I was in, which seemed like frankly a lot less than I wanted. (How did I ever have so much free time? Oh, right, by not studying). I pared that all down to a surf-punk band and a blues band, and nowadays record stupid comedy songs that make me intensely happy, and am embarking upon a ukulele solo project where I sing about how heartbroken the world has left me, etcetera. Not to mention that political, synthy, MUSE/Rage Against the Machine-inspired project that was due at the last election cycle..

When I put out an actual album you can buy, the link will be here.

Party vote Green, by the way.

Timothy Dalton is the best Bond.

DFTBA Nerdfighteria.

This blog, and much of my internal world, exists because of the insane perfection of this man’s writing, and I believe little else. Cheers for that, Brian Takle – Wylfing, whoever you are.

I have PADI Divemaster tickets but have never dived anywhere with visibility. As far as I’m concerned, all of the ocean is grey and muddy, and extends less than a metre in front of my face.

εγω ειμαι σπουδάζω ελληνικά

I have sailing and navigation tickets, and one day I will live on my own yacht.

I have left my hometown and gone backpacking, and moved to another country, and learned to let go of everything and everyone from my past and start over.

I have overcome intrusive suicidal thinking and behaviour and had to learn the Radical Acceptance method of living.

I have worked 18-hour days and had to learn the ‘suck it up, Buttercup!’ method of living without sleep.

I have survived horrific spinal injuries and learned to walk again.

I love playing Kerbal Space Program, Battle for Middle Earth 2 (Witch King of course), Port Royale 2, Rise of Nations (the first one), Silent Hunter 3, Crimson Skies (the first one), and Battlefield 1942 (the first one). Ok, so I’m not exactly keeping up with the new stuff.

I am a graduate of the National Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. Other study programs included politics, international relations, philosophy, music theory, history, English, psychology, economics, iconography, and sociology. The whole wonderful melting pot of the humanities! Do not ask about my student loan.

I was a film critic for a magazine for a few years, and the editor for one. It taught me to be quickly discerning of great/shitty movies and great/shitty writing in a way that writing an academic dissertation simply can not.

Speaking of great writing, I just happened to have finished this book, and I am destroyed.

I was a pizza delivery boy. Oh, the tales I could tell.

I write things on the internet instead of doing my dishes and my laundry.

I’d better go.