About Me

I’m Andrew, I’m 26, I live in New Zealand. This blog is where I write about films, books, philosophy, whatever. If you were looking for my spectacularly-well curated stream of rants about everything that’s wrong with our current government, you probably were looking for my facebook feed. But you can’t have the link – I have to stay anonymous after all.

I’ve been writing shit on the internet since 2001, when blogging was like saying you had nerd leprosy. Do you remember a world in which facebook and youtube weren’t invented yet, and you actually had to write stuff that was interesting? When nobody had the bandwidth to spare for putting images on a page? When there was no feed to browse, and to get updated on what was new you actually had to go to a website by typing in an address that you had committed to memory? Those were the days. It was from this type of basic internet socialising that I made the best friends, most annoying acquaintances, worst enemies, and just generally felt like people were actually bothering to read what I was writing. Good times.